December 17, 2016


We carry an impression that you reach any place in the world and you will surely to see some Indian.  I have also found it true all the countries (over 30) which I have visited.  However, to my great surprise, I did not meet any Indian during my two weeks stay in Brazil where I had been in 2007.

 Famous covered market of Sao Paulo
               I had gone to Brazil on an invitation from the Tropical Fruit Growers Society.  Mr. Carlos and Mr. Mauro, of the society were accompanying me.   Mr. Carlos used to drive the car. We had started the trip from Sao Paulo.  Then we travelled by road to many small places before reaching Rio de Janeiro.  We used to visit orchards of member fruit growers and have discussions on different topics connected to fruit cultivation, especially on rare fruits.  It was a very interesting experience to visit the Brazilian countryside and meet farming families and to enjoy their generous hospitality. 

 A view of Rio de Janeiro

               Though Brazilian white people are of European (mostly Portuguese origin) yet their life style is has changed and they live quite differently from their European counterparts. Most of them have big farms and they lead a quite luxurious life.

 With Brazilian mango and litchi growers

               At Rio de Janeiro, I took leave from my host Carlos and came to Iguassu to see the famous falls there.  Iguassu Falls are formed by Iguassu River which at that point also forms the border between Brazil and Argentina. You view the falls from both sides.  I reached on the Brazilian side by air from Rio de Janeiro and stayed there for two nights. On third day, I left Brazilian side by bus that takes you to the border at the river bank.  One has to complete the immigration formalities there and then crosse over to Argentina.  Foreigners have to change buses at the border as it takes some time in immigration formalities and the bus cannot wait that long.  So, one can travel by the next bus without buying another ticket.

 At Iguassu Falls - A place one must see before he dies

               Let me write a few words about Iguassu Falls.  This is a very great place to visit and the view of falls from Brazil as well as from Argentina side, is just mesmerizing.  This is a place which every one fond of travelling must visit during his life time.

 Iguassu town on Brazilian side

               I was in this town, also called Iguassu, for two nights.  From here I took a flight to Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina.  Buenos Aires is also a great place to visit with so many unique things to see and experience.  I found Buenos Aires much cheaper and affordable than Rio de Janeiro.  I took my return flight to Delhi from Buenos Aires.   

A street of Bueos Aires, Argentina

               The total duration of my stay in Brazil and Argentina was 20 days.  Can you believe that during these 20 days, even after visiting so many places and meeting so many people, I DID NOT SEE ANY INDIAN except one lady dressed in shalwar kameez in Florida, the popular shopping and tourist street in Buenos Aires. I first took her to be a Pakistani but when I talked to her, she was from Odissa and turned out to be the wife of Indian Ambassador in Argentina.

In a small restaurant
               Through out my stay in these countries, I kept wondering how this area remained untouched by my enterprising countrymen. So my myth, that Indians can be seen in every part of the world did not turn out to be true in this part of the world.  

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