December 12, 2017


Tango is a specialty of Argentina.  This is a partner dance in which couples dance to the tunes of special tango music.  The dancers also wear special dress.  It is categorized as erotic dance style by dance scholars. 
Tango performance at Cafe Tortoni
               Tango is also one of popular tourist attractions for visiting tourists.  There are several restaurants or cafes at Buenos Aires where tango performances are held at night and the entry to some of these places is quite expensive.  There is also a lot of rush at these places and advance booking was required.
Street performers at Florida
               Like every foreign tourist, I also saw one tango performance.  It was at Café Tortoni which is located at Av de Mayo 825, in Buenos Aires.  This is quite famous for its tango performances and it is always full.  It is said to be a mid range place so far the prices for tickets are concerned.  But still it was US45 for a one hour show.
 Street performers at Florida
               I was told that there were many tango schools at Buenos Aires youngsters came even from foreign countries to learn this dance.  May be it was not easy for beginners to find a platform to perform.  So many of then used to perform Florida, a popular “no vehicle” street of Buenos Aires, especially created for tourists.  One could watch young couples or small dance troupes performing there in the evening 
 Street performers at Florida
               The dancers also encouraged the spectators to have photographs with them.  I could not resist the temptation and got a picture (see photos) for which I had shell out 30 Argentinean pesos (about 250 rupees) as tip to the dancers.  But this picture is a nice Argentinean souvenir for me.  So I
am not sorry for  it.

Me with tango artists 

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